Unique Product Warranty


AEOLUS Tyre is committed to provide quality product and Value for money to our consumers. The AEOLUS management is aware of the cumbersome processes and procedures prevalent among global tyre manufacturers, and thus, have now introduced this Unique Product Warranty which is consumer oriented, fair, and speedy. It acknowledges the trust and faith our consumers put in our brand.

AEOLUS is confident and proud of its design and product quality.

That is why we extend a Unique Product Warranty that includes even road hazards and damages.


Report the claim to our service department via sending the email at service@aeolustyre.in (Website owned and serviced by Maestro Tradex Pvt. Ltd.) We recommend that this should be the first step to be taken as soon as the tyre becomes unserviceable, Please ensure to cover the following two points in your communication email, so as to enable us to provide the faster disposition.

  • Photograph of the defective tyre. (Covering the defective area, more than one clear picture of the defect is recommended)
  • Copy of original purchase invoice.

On receiving the communication we will cross check the details provided by you in our database, once it matches and qualifies our claim policy we will ask you to submit the physical tyre to us at our service centre (Defective tyre freight pre-paid be shipped to us)

Soon after the receipt of physical tyre, the final disposition of the claim acceptance or rejection as the case may be will be communicated to the customer.

If the tyre warranty claim is accepted, we will retain the old tyre and send claim award for the customer acceptance. The company shall issue a discount coupon equivalent to the value of the claim disposed. The customer may use this coupon to settle the claim by purchasing the new tyre from our website www.aeolustyre.in .

The decision of Maestro Tradex Pvt. Ltd. for the settlement and disposing of the warranty claim is final and binding to all concerned .

Process of claiming the warranty


Send us pictures & copy of original invoice

The consumer is required to send us the pictures and copy of the invoice at service@aeolustyre.in (more than one clear picture covering the defect area is recommended)

examine the defective tyre photograph

After reviewing the photograph and credentials we may request the consumer to send the defective tyre freight prepaid to us.

reply within 48 hrs

After the receipt of defective tyre  AEOLUS Tyres will convey its disposition of the findings and award the replacement applicable.


  • In case the tyre is rendered unserviceable due to any manufacturing defects or road hazards/damages for the first 30% of original usable tread life or within 3 months of its purchase, the tyre will be replaced with a new tyre FREE OF COST.
  • If the above happens between 3 to 6 months of the tyre purchase, or within the first 30% of original usable tread life. A nominal cost of 20% of the current prevailing price is to be paid for a new tyre.
  • If the above happens between 7 to 12 months of the tyre purchase and within the first 30% of original usable tread life a nominal cost of 40% of the current prevailing price is to be paid for a new tyre.
  • It is however to be understood that AEOLUS products would continue to be covered under the normal and usual warranty against any manufacturing defects only from the 13th to the 36th month of the purchase.
  • In our opinion educated by years of experience, any manufacturing defect shall manifest in the early stages of usage, i.e. up to 12 months. However, the extended warranty is to provide reassurance to our valuable customers.

Note: Unique warranty is applicable only on purchase made from  www.aeolustyre.in


  • The management covers tyres under the Unique Product Warranty for a period of 12 months only.
  • Normal road punctures are excluded.
  • AEOLUS’ liability however, does not include claims due to damage caused by improper storage or mounting or in case of a retreaded or repaired tyre.
  • AEOLUS’ liability is limited to the cost of tyres only and no consequential or incidental losses are covered by the warranty.
  • Stolen and fire damaged tyres are excluded from the scope of warranty.
  • Mounting / demounting, fitment and balancing weights, issues with replaced tyres are beyond this warranty.
  • Any wilful damage done to the tyre will not be covered.
  • Aeolus liability however, does not include claims due to damage caused by improper storage, mounting, retreaded or repaired tyres.
  • Uneven wear / one side wear caused due to mechanical deficiency in vehicle is not covered.
  • If the tyre is worn / smooth (up to the TWI) the tyre shall not be considered for any compensation, irrespective of the time of purchase.
  • Warranty is applicable only in India for PCR Tyres against the original invoice & purchase.
  • Warranty is applicable to the first owner of the product.
  • Unique warranty is applicable only on purchase  from www.aeolustyre.in


  • The unique warranty being extended covers only the defective tyre and not the other tyres performing normally.
  • AEOLUS Tyres reserve the right to modify, change, withdraw or cancel the warranty.
  • In case any dispute arising between the customer and AEOLUS Tyres with regard to claim/adjustment, all arbitrations will fall in the jurisdiction of District court of Rewari, Haryana.


Email: service@aeolustyre.in

Phone: 901-555-5500

Click here to download AEOLUS Unique Product Warranty  pdf

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