To obtain maximum life and performance, tyre care and maintenance is very important.
For proper tyre care & maintenance, AEOLUS recommends the following:


  • Pressure Maintenance
  • Tyre Wear Indicator
  • Rim/Wheel Condition
  • Vibration and Noise

Mechanical condition

  • Tyre Rotation
  • Vehicle Alignment
  • Mounting and Balancing
  • Other Mechanical


  • Driving Habits
  • Regular Checking of Brakes
  • Excessive Heat
  • Vehicle Speed


Inspection at regular intervals is advised for a smooth drive. The frequency of checking should be decided generally on the basis of actual pressure loss experienced.

Pressure Maintenance

It is important to maintain and check, at regular intervals, the inflation pressure of all the tyres, including the spare in a vehicle.

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Tyre wear indicator

As your tyres wear down, their ability to grip the road decreases.

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Rim/Wheel condition

Cleaning your Rim/wheel and tyres regularly is not just an appearance issue – it’s preventative maintenance!

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Vibration and Noise

Do not ignore apparent impacts, pulling, or vibration

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Mechanical Condition

Recent studies have shown that cost-per-kilometer almost doubles when original or re-treaded tyres are pulled early because the tread is worn unevenly or rapidly and this can happen because of some common mechanical conditions.


Rotation patterns differ depending on the kind of vehicle you drive.

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Vehicle alignment is one of the most important factors in not only vehicle care, but tyre care as well.

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When mounting wheels & tyres on to the vehicle, ensure .

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Other Mechanical Irregularities

Bent axle; Loose bearing/ wheel shake; Improperly adjusted, hard/weak suspension; etc can also have their share of impact on your vehicle and tyres.

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Continuous improvements in tyre and manufacturing technology have led to a uniform and incredibly durable product. But there are some factors which will impact a tyre forever if not taken care of.

Driving habits

The high standards of quality and reliability built into a tyre cannot be fully utilised if/when a driver subjects the tyre to severe abuse by speeding over pot-holes, stones, etc.

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Regular checking of brakes

Regular brake checks are an important part of any vehicle preventative maintenance plan.

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Excessive heat

Excessive heat is generated by the abnormal flexing of a tyre.

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Vehicle Speed

Driving at high speeds has a greater chance of causing tyre damage than at low speeds.

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