ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE (Helpline #1800-103-9483)

AXA is providing its seamless facility of Roadside Assistance all across  India. So next time, if somebody gets stuck with a flat tyre in a serviceable area, then AXA Roadside Assistance service will be there for immediate help within 45 minutes of contact being made on the helpline number.

  • Cities & Towns Covered 4678
  • Districts Covered 654 ( India coverage excluding islands)
  • States Covered 29 & Union Territories Covered 7


AXA Retail Roadside Assistance Program – Scope

Terms & Conditions:

  • Only a maximum of eight (8) events per year are eligible for a vehicle covered under the Elite membership in a year.

1. Assistance over phone
In the event of the client calling for support related to vehicle problem, customer support of AXA Assistance shall understand the basic problem prior to offering solutions. Some minor, recurring issues can be solved over the phone.

2. Flat Tyre Support
If the covered vehicle has a punctured tyre or a tyre burst, the company shall take care of replacing it with the spare tyre in the client’s vehicle, using a provider approved by the company. In case the spare tyre is not available or the covered vehicle has two tyres punctured, the company shall arrange to repair the tyres at the nearest tyre repair shop. Neither the supply of parts or replacement elements, the cost of repairs is included in this service’s coverage.


The territorial scope of this program shall be within the municipal limits of the city or 40 km/100 Km (Service Provider Location to Location & According to plan) from the nearest AXA Assistance Centre.

Assistance shall be provided in all the areas that are accessible by the requisite service or recovery vehicles through a proper road, including parking lots, city streets, motorways, national, regional and local roads. This service shall be provided whenever the vehicle in question is immobilised and cannot be driven on its own power. However, this service may not be provided to an immobilised vehicle if it is already at a workshop or a garage.


This coverage applies from KM 0. KM 0 is the first instance that our tyres are used. This means that the client is covered from the moment he starts the car. This service shall be provided only to immobilised vehicles which have been covered under the program, as long as the breakdown has occurred at a place accessible by normal vehicles and towing equipment or if the vehicle is not already at a workshop or a garage.

  • Any vehicle which has not been maintained regularly as per the guidelines of respective car manufacturers and thus is not in roadworthy condition.
  • Any event where breakdown is caused by deliberately inflicted damage, vandalism or participation in a criminal act or offence.
  • Any customer history where customer has twice, on prior occasions, misused or abused the services.
  • Any event when the driver of the vehicle is found to be in any of the situations that are indicated below:
    1. The state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs, toxins or narcotics not medically prescribed. For these effects, one is under the effect of alcoholic drinks when the degree of alcohol in the blood is greater than that authorised by the legislation on traffic, motor vehicle circulation, road safety, or similar ones in the country where the incident occurs.
    2. Lack of permission or corresponding license for the category of the Covered Vehicle or violation of the sanction of cancellation or withdrawal of them.
  • Those accidents resulting from the illegitimate removal of the Covered Vehicle.
  • Those accidents or breakdowns that are produced when the Client or the authorised driver have infringed upon the regulatory ordinances as far as the requisites and number of persons transported, weight and means of things and animals that can be transported or the form of handling.
  • Accidents happening when the vehicle lacks documentation or requisites (including the Technical Inspection of the Vehicles and Obligatory Insurance) legally necessary to circulate on public roads in the country where the Covered Vehicle is found.
  • Any vehicle involved in or liable to be involved in a legal case prior to or post immobilisation.
  • Those caused by fuels, mineral essences, and other inflammable, explosive or toxic materials transported in the Covered Vehicle.
  • Any public vehicles like ambulances, taxis, police vehicles and/or fire brigade vehicles and any other vehicle not used for private use are excluded from all the services covered under these general conditions.
  • Any accident or breakdown caused due to usage of the car for racing, ralling and criminal activity.
  • Luggage that is not sufficiently wrapped or identified, fragile luggage or perishable products, and any commercial goods carried in the Covered Vehicle.
  • Assistance to the occupants of the Covered Vehicle different to those defined as beneficiaries.
  • Any animals carried in the Covered Vehicle.
  • Events which do not render the vehicle immobilised are not covered under the program. Some examples of such events are given below:
    1. Non-functional horn
    2. Faulty gauges and meters
    3. Air conditioning is not working
    4. Boot cannot be opened
    5. Front and rear demisters are not working
    6. Damaged door glasses
    7. Broken rear view mirror or rear windshield
    8. Sunroof cannot be opened
    9. Sunroof cannot be closed
    10. Windows cannot be opened or closed
    11. Faulty seat adjuster
    12. Passenger seat belts are faulty
    13. Vehicle headlights not functional
    14. Illumination of warning lamps of any non-safety related lights/service warnings lights but the vehicle not rendered immobilised
    15. Electronic vehicle security systems, if fitted as standard equipment, are faulty but do not render it immobilised or the alarm is ringing incessantly
    16. ABS light lamp glows ON
    17. Vehicle runs out of windscreen wiper fluid
    18. Front wipers are faulty
    19. Rear windscreen wiper is faulty
    20. Damaged or faulty fuel caps
    21. Any noises or unusual sounds which do not render the vehicle immobilised
    22. Other faults in the vehicle which do not render it immobilised but need repair at the workshop

The problems/situations mentioned shall not immobilise the vehicle. It is important to consider that such a programme is designed for emergencies. However, it is the endeavor of AXA Assistance to provide the best customer support. In any such case if AXA Assistance finds that customer’s safety might be at risk or he may be in an adverse situation, relevant assistance service shall be provided as a goodwill measure.

Adverse weather conditions & force majeure: It shall be our endeavor to support the covered vehicle promptly as per the terms of the programme. However, in certain adverse weather conditions such as floods, thunderstorms, heavy rains, and other adverse conditions such as traffic congestion, political movements, civil unrest, protests etc, it may become physically impossible to provide assistance. This may affect our ability and capabilities to promptly support the vehicle, though it shall be our priority to support the covered vehicle by all feasible means.

Right of refusal: In case it is found at any stage that false information has been furnished by a customer to enrol in the program or in case the program is misused or abused, the services may be refused by AXA Assistance to the customer and the customer. In such cases, they shall not have any right of claim against AXA Assistance /AEOLUS Tyres.

Helpline for enrolled customers # 1800-102-5730

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