Choosing the right tyre

What tyre size do I need?

The best and quickest way would be to check for the size of tyres which are already fitted in your vehicle. You’ll find the tyre size on the side wall of your car tyres. This might be the recommended size provided by your Original Equipment Manufacturer. There is a possibility that your spare tyre may be different from the tyre fitted on your vehicle. The tyre size looks something like ‘205/65R15 94H’. We can also help you with the selection. All you have to do is, enter your car model and variant on the homepage and we’ll show you a range of tyres suitable for your vehicle. In case you have changed or want to change the wheels, go for the suitable replacement.

Which tyres are right for my car?

We can offer you a range of tyres to suit your vehicle and usage. To see the options available simply enter your car model and variant or the tyre size on the homepage. We’ll then list the tyres that are suitable for your vehicle. Once you’ve chosen your tyres, you will be directed to the ‘Shop now’ option.

Why does my car not appear when I enter my car model?

We cover the models and variants of existing vehicles on Indian roads. However, there is a chance that certain obsolete or recently launched models are not updated on our website.
We check the vehicle type on a database from the model and variant of the car you enter. If you are concerned that your vehicle has not been found please enter the information of your tyre size on the homepage.

Ordering, Shipping and Handling

Why buy from

We are a global brand and now available in India, with our technologically advance highly customized car tyres that are specially designed for Indian road conditions. We are happy to publish that we are amongst the few brands available in country that are providing  performance range of tyres for Indian customer on never seen before digital platform. Apart from quality, after sale service and ease of purchasing i.e. converting the purchase on EMI, we offer many more benefits exclusively for our online customers. We aim to ensure that every tyre shipped out of our factories is a perfect specimen of technological excellence to suit the modern requirements of motorists like you.

How do I order from

The process of ordering from has three simple stages. First, choose from a wide range of tyres, based on your vehicle type or tyre size. Second, enter the delivery address details. Finally, make the full payment or select EMI payment to confirm the order, and we’ll ship your tyres to you.

          HDFC bank customer can also avail the “0% EMI Option” *


For Assistance Email Us at – or call us at – 901-555-5500

I've placed my order, what now?

We’ll send you a confirmation that will include the detailed contents of your order along with the logistic and tracking details.

For Assistance Email Us at – or call us at –  901-555-5500

I haven't received my confirmation SMS/E-mail

In case you did not receive any SMS confirmation, please check with your mobile service provider. You might have activated DND on your number. If you do not receive our email, it could have been filtered into your spam mail, please check the spam folder. You can add our email ID to your safe senders list to prevent this in the future

If you haven’t received it even after checking, please email us at and we’ll resend it to you.

How do you deliver and what happens if I'm not at home?

The shipment shall be delivered through our logistics partners who invariably contact you on your mobile before arriving for delivery and ensure your presence or that of your authorized representative to accept the delivery.

Can I track my order?

Yes, if you wish to check the status of your shipment at any time, please enter your tracking details in Track option given in “My Order” after log in. You can track your order with a pre-generated order ID and AWB number mentioned in SMS/ Mail/Invoice. Your tyres will be delivered to the provided delivery address.

For Assistance Email Us at –  or call us at – 901-555-5500

Pricing & Payment

What does the price of my new tyre(s) include?

The price which you pay to AEOLUS includes your brand new tyre(s) along with tubeless valve (Made of high quality rubber)

How do I pay?

AEOLUS has mutiple choices of payment to suit your needs :

a. Online payment by debit/credit card.

b. Credit Cards EMI Options ( 0% EMI options also available at few banks Credit cards)

c. Online payment by Net Banking

d. Wallet

Why do you need my contact details?

The contact details are required to serve you better by sending you constant update of your orders.

I have opted for the EMI, why i have been charged full amount of the transaction.

This is the normal process followed by the bank, at first the full amount is charged and later it gets converted to EMI . Generally it takes 7 working days to get the effective conversion of transaction. Please contact your card issuing bank in case the transaction does not get converted in stipulated time period.

My issuing bank call center has no information on EMI conversion.

The issuing bank will receive EMI request after at least 3 working days of the transaction. Please check the status after 3 workings days , in case the issue still persist then please contact the issuing bank.

The transaction amount has not converted into EMI in 7 working days.

Please contact your card issuing banks in-case 7 days have passed and transaction has not been converted in EMI. Conversion of transaction into EMI is at the sole discretion of card issuing bank and can also be rejected in unfortunate circumstances.

My bill has been generated and full amount has been charged to me.

Please check transaction date and customer bill generation date, if the period is less than 7 working days then customer needs to speak to their issuing bank to determine how much to pay. The bank might convert the EMI at a later date and change bill payment

Sum total of all EMIs is more than the transaction amount.

The issuing bank charges interest per EMI transaction. The interest rates are decided by the bank and are displayed at the time of completing the transaction.

Bank has rejected EMI conversion.

Customer needs to pay full amount of the transaction to bank, since EMI facility is at sole discretion of the issuing bank. Customer can also refer to refund/return policy of the merchant.Please share your consent on T&C to get Kotak, SBI, AXIS , ICICI, HDFC ,  IndusInd Bank EMI policies.


EMI conversion lies at the sole discretion of the bank . Please contact the bank for the necessary  clarifications and activations.

Tyre Fitment

Where is my nearest tyre fitment centre?

Tyre fitment facility is readily available across India at various service stations. You may visit the nearest one and get them fitted on your own(Cost of tyre purchased through our website does not includes cost of fitment, balancing and alignment of tyres). However for the convenience of our customer AEOLUS has tied up with fitment center across major cities, metro’s , tier 1 and tier 2 cities to provide fitment,balancing and alignment assistance(On paid basis).

For Assistance Email Us at – or call us at – 901-555-5500

Are tyres fitted by mechanics?

Fitment partners are carefully selected and regularly audited. These stations are equipped with the most modern and precise equipment. Each technician is qualified, competent and experienced enough to undertake the job.

What happens to my old tyre(s)?

Disposal of your old tyres is left to your discretion.

Can my tyres be fitted at home?

No, the task cannot be completed at home since it is a skillful job to be done by qualified fitters/mechanics. This also requires equipment for mounting, de-mounting, balancing, and addition of counter balancing weights and wheel alignment which cannot be done at home.

How long will fitting take?

This will vary based on number of tyres, size and type. 30 minutes is a rough guide to a single fitting. The technician will give you a more accurate timescale when you arrive at the fitting station.

How is the damaged/defective tyre inspected?

Damaged or defective tyre’s are inspected by our team of qualified engineers through latest testing equipment at our tyre testing center.

What do I need to present to for the claim?

You need to present the following to

  • Email the soft copy of the invoice to or call AEOLUS helpline at 901-555-5500 to register your claim
  • Send is five photographs of the defective/damaged tyre comprising of:
    a. The area of the defect.
    b. UID Number of the tyre under complaint to our service department through email. We’ll find out all the relevant data and details from our database and proceed further with the claim process.
  • Send Physical tyre to us for final claim disposition.
  • Original invoice copy.
How can I register my tyres with

No, you need not do that, since at the time of tyre dispatch we scan all the relevant details. So, thanks to the database we have, you can avail the benefits of the warranty.

Roadside Assistance

How can I register for RSA services?

AEOLUS Tyre has tied up with AXA Assistance to provide world class RSA services to its customers.  You can choose from the three paid programs and share your following personal and vehicle details via email in order to register for the services.

Post payment realization the services will get activated automatically.

Details required for registration

Owner Name

Owner Mobile Number

Owner Address and Email Id

Vehicle Make , Model , Colour and Vehicle Registration date

Vehicle Chassis number

For more details click here

How quickly can you reach me?

In city traffic conditions, it normally takes AXA team 45 minutes to an hour to reach but this can vary. In case you are not within city limits, then it is dependent on your distance from the city.

So my vehicle breaks down, what next?

If your vehicle breaks down, call our 24-hour RSA Helpline (1800-103-9483) for assistance. Please quote your membership number, give us the details of your location as well as your contact number. We will first attempt to repair your vehicle on the spot, but if this is not possible, we will tow the vehicle to the nearest garage for repairing it.

What are the services offered in RSA?

There are three programs under which more than 12 services are covered, ranging from on phone assistance to mobility and towing assistance. For details pls click here.

Which car models and makes can enroll for the Roadside Assistance Program?

All non commercial four wheeler vehicle regardless of it’s model or make can be registered for RSA service.

Can a Taxi Owner Purchase RSA Services?

No, the facility is only for personal car owners only.

How many times will the services be provided?

Six to Eight times in a year as per the plan you opt for details pls click here.

What are the extra towing charges over & above what’s not included in my membership?

In case you need towing services over and above the defined range of scope, the service provider shall provide the same on chargeable basis.

Will you come out if I'm the passenger rather than the driver?

Yes, regardless of your type of cover, it is the car that is covered. In case it is covered we will come out to you. It doesn’t matter whether you are the driver or passenger of the vehicle you registered.

What cities are covered in RSA Program?

We cover the length and breadth of the country. From Jammu & Kashmir in the North, to Kanyakumari in the South and from Gujarat in the West to Manipur in the East – a total of 4,678 cities, small and big, fall under our purview.

What happens if I change my vehicle?

Please note that the facility is extended to the vehicle which was initially registered for RSA service. This is non-transferable to any other vehicle or owner.

Whom do I contact in case of Emergency and what are the timings?

You can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on our Helpline Number 1800-103-9483 (Toll Free) for Emergency Road Assistance Service.


How do I know when my tyres need replacing?

Tread depth must be no less than 1.6mm and all drivers must know how to check their tyres correctly. It is unsafe to drive if your tread depth is less than 1.6mm.

Checking tread depth is easy. You can use a coin as the rim of it measures 1.6mm. Place the coin inside the tread groove and if the tyre covers the coin’s outer rim, your tread is ok.

You should also replace your tyres if

  • There are any bald patches
  • Bulges are visible from the sidewall
  • The internal construction can be seen
  • It differs in size to the one on the opposite axle
  • Any cracks, splits or perished rubber is visible

To know how to prevent irregular tyre wear click here 

What speed rating will I require?

Tyres are carefully chosen by the O.E. Manufacturers by suitable speed rating. You should check this in your vehicle handbook & at the Tech Zone on this website for better understanding. Please email us at if you need further help.

What is the correct tyre pressure for my vehicle?

Correct tyre pressure varies across vehicles and it is different for each and every vehicle model. You’ll usually find the correct pressure for your vehicle on the inside of your petrol tank cap, inside the door pillar and in the vehicle handbook. You should check your tyre pressure weekly to ensure that your tyres are safe at all times. Remember, tyre pressure will change as the weight of your car changes.

How often should tyre pressure be checked?

Remember, tyre pressure will change as the weight of your car changes. You should check your tyre pressure weekly to ensure your tyres are safe at all times. Correct tyre pressure will vary across vehicles. You’ll find the correct pressure for your vehicle on the inside of your petrol tank cap, inside the door pillar and in the vehicle handbook.

Inspection check list click here

Do I need a spare?

It’s vital that you always have a spare tyre in good condition, in case you suffer from a flat tyre, a blowout or severe damage to one of your tyres.

Returns & Refunds

Can I make changes to my order?

Yes you can, until the time shipment has been executed. The company shall bear the cost of any wrong size or quantity shipment by us. Such goods will be recalled without any cost to you. However, in case you change your mind after shipment, we can replace the tyre but must ensure that the condition of returned tyre is not fitted or tampered with.

I'm not happy with my order, what can I do?

If you are unhappy with your purchase, please speak to our customer care division directly about replacement. If you need any support or have any further questions, please email us at


For more details click here

Commonly asked Motoring Questions

Why does my steering wheel vibrate at higher speeds?

Tyre wear, wheel alignment and imbalance can cause the steering wheel to vibrate. If you notice a vibration, it’s important you ask a garage to check this for you. If left unchecked, the long-term effect could be higher fuel consumption, steering and brake problems.

Why does my car veer to one side?

Your vehicle may need to be re-aligned if it’s pulling to one side. It’s important that you ask a garage to check and correct this for you. While low tread maybe a factor, it is unlikely that general wear and tear of tyres would cause this.

I've hit a kerb

You should check your tyres for any noticeable impact, loss of pressure and tread damage. If the car is pulling to one side, the alignment or balance may have been affected. It’s important to ask a garage to check this for you.

How are wheels balanced?

Technicians use balancing machines and the right weights specially designed for this purpose.

I have feedback about my customer experience

We’d love to hear about your experience, please email us at

Am I allowed to drive on tyres that have a higher speed rating?

Yes, you are permitted to drive on tyres that have a higher speed rating.

Am I allowed to fit different tyres to those stated in my vehicle registration documents?

Yes, you are allowed to do so but O.E. manufacturers carefully select the tyres which are best suitable for you, according to the make of your vehicle. Kindly contact or consult the website for advice and recommendations made for upsizing

Can I drive with a mixed set of tyres?

This is permitted as long the same type of tyre is fitted to the two opposite wheels on the same axle. Nevertheless, we would warn you against mixing tyre sets, as this significantly lowers tyre performance and road holding on wet or icy roads.

What are directional tyres?

Modern tyres are increasingly being designed to be directional. This means that they are designed to rotate in one direction only. This increases tyre performance by reducing road noise and improving wet grip, as well as offers better directional stability and traction in snowy conditions.

What does M+S mean?

Globally, the M+S designation stands for Mud and Snow i.e. winter tyres. The tread pattern and rubber compound has been specially designed for wintery conditions. Whereas the elasticity of summer tyres starts to seriously diminish under 7°C, thus worsening road contact, winter tyres consist of a special rubber compound with high levels of silicon or natural rubber that performs well under cold conditions. Especially on wet or icy roads, the M+S tyres hold the road extremely well and out-perform summer tyres when it comes to braking, steering and accelerating.

What does “load index” actually mean and what for example, do the numbers 85 or 86 stand for?

The tyre load index is an international code that tells you the maximum load that an individual tyre can bear. When fitting new tyres, the load index should always be the same or have a higher rating. It is essential that the tyre’s load multiplied by two must cover the gross single axle load of your vehicle. The Load Index consists of a list of numerical codes, each of which represents the maximum load (in kg.) that the tyre can carry. For example, 85 = 515 kg and 86 = 530 kg. You’ll find a load index table  Click here.

How long do tyres last?

Shelf Life of a properly stored tyre is more than 10 Year. Compounds containing anti-oxidizing chemicals are used to slow down the natural aging process of rubber, so a tyre that has been correctly stored for long periods meets the specifications and performance characteristics of a new tyre.

Once fitted then after five years or more in use, we recommend that your tyres should be thoroughly inspected at least once per year by a professional.

If the tyres haven’t been replaced 10 years after their fitment, as a precaution, we recommend replacing them with new tyres. Even if they appear to be in usable condition and have not worn down to the tread wear indicator.

This applies to spare tyres as well.

What causes a blow out?

There are many reasons for this. Low tyre pressure or carrying too heavy a load for long periods can lead to excessive flexing of the tyre’s sidewall. This can result in overheating and premature tyre wear. Eventually, the tyres can no longer hold up under the stress. The rubber compound suddenly disintegrates, and the tyre bursts. Driving up against a kerb or through potholes or other obstacles can weaken your tyre. The external impact can result in immediate, visible tyre damage such as bulges or cracks in the sidewall. It can also cause internal damage. Either way, your tyre may weaken and be more susceptible to a blowout. The bottom line is, watch your tyre pressure; don’t carry too heavy a load; and drive carefully!

Contact Information

How can I contact AEOLUS Tyres?

You can simply go to the Contact Us option in this website and enter the details according to your query type. After receiving the query, we’ll solve it as soon as possible.

For general enquiry, email us at or call us on + 91-901-555-5500. For Fitment & RSA (which is chargeable), email us at or call us on 901-555-5500 and we’ll be happy to help. Please include a contact number in your email. So we can get back in touch with you easily

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