Inspired by their namesake, the Greek God of Wind, AEOLUS Tyres perform like the wind, with excellent efficiency and speed.


AEOLUS Tyre Company Limited was established in 1965 and over the years, we have made our mark worldwide. Trusted by millions of users across the world, AEOLUS now brings to India, a wide range of tyres suitable for all types of terrain and weather conditions.


The brand trusted by millions of consumers all across the world, now brings its wide range of tyres to India. AEOLUS has a strong background, be it our stringent test conditions or the highest parameters that are adopted for production.


Since 1965, the brand has shown its presence worldwide qualifying all the mapping parameters.The AEOLUS portfolio has all the certifications required from a global brand.

Environmental responsibility

AEOLUS is a brand that sees the whole picture, from production value to ecological impact. We aim to reduce our carbon footprints by producing 100% environment friendly tyres.


High mileage

We produce specially engineered tyres to reduce rolling resistance and improve mileage.

Outstanding traction

Our tyres are a combination of modern and robust design that uses technology to create a balance of wet & dry traction.

Loyal Clientele

AEOLUS Tyres are recognized for reliable performance and service. Our customers swear by us as a brand.

Safe Use

Our tyres offer the perfect combination of maximum grip, optimum steering response and harmonious contact with the road.

AEOLUS produces its tyres in accordance with precise specifications.

Developing the ideal tyre in every type and sector, and optimizing the entire range, are among the highest priorities for us. This has also been incorporated into the AEOLUS vision. During development and production, we aim to fulfill the wishes of the consumer as effectively as possible.

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