Over time, the durability and uniformity of tyres have greatly improved however there are factors which still impact the tyre if not taken care of.

Driving Habits

The high standards of quality and reliability built into a tyre cannot be fully utilised if/when a driver subjects the tyre to severe abuse by speeding over pot-holes, stones, etc or by running over avoidable road obstacles and irregularities. Quick start and harsh braking wears off a tyre tread faster due to rapid slippage or scrapping of the tyre tread over the road surface. High speed operations result in increased tyre running temperatures, which would also cause the rate of tread wear to be faster.

Regular checking of brakes

Regular brake checks are an important part of any vehicle preventative maintenance plan.

Brake checks can identify a problem before it begins to impact your braking efficiency, thus providing an opportunity to restore the effectiveness of your vehicle’s braking system to its intended operating performance. The effects of a sudden brake failure can be devastating and in the event of an accident attributed to faulty brakes, the consequences of not maintaining an effective braking system could result in tyre wear.

Sudden brakes can cause tyre spotting or tyre blowout at a high speed. The tyre treads will wear out, leading to a loss of friction.

Excessive Heat

Excessive heat is generated by the abnormal flexing of a tyre. This could be due to under inflation and can be aggravated by sustained high speeds. High ambient temperatures also add to this.

Under the effects of extreme heat, the abrasion resistance of the tread rubber compound is greatly reduced. When subjected to high temperature, the tread rubber softens and therefore wears more rapidly, resulting in a decreased tread mileage.

Vehicle Speed

Driving at high speeds has a greater chance of causing tyre damage than at low speeds. High speed results in increased tyre temperature. If encountered with a road hazard, it has a greater chance of causing tyre damage.

Driving at a speed will cause the tyre greater buildup of heat, which leads to tyre damage. It can also contribute to sudden tyre failure and rapid air loss if the tyres are not properly maintained. Sudden loss of air pressure can result in loss of control of vehicle and may lead to accident. If you observe any damage to a tyre or wheel, replace it with your spare tyre, and then have it checked by a tyre specialist.

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